Adjusting To Mission Life

Hi everyone! It’s actually been a pretty slow couple of weeks, although we do have a new investigator who on the first lesson suggested to us that he needs to get baptized, so that was super cool! We also taught a homeless guy the plan of salvation! I was on exchanges with my district leader a few days ago, it was fun. We actually didn’t get to teach many people because on weekends everyone leaves for Mexico so it’s a bit hard to teach anyone then.

I understand almost nothing that goes on in church because it’s all fast Spanish, but the members help us out when we ask, and we get fed pretty much every day by members, They always make a lot of food and it’s considered slightly offensive not to eat everything you’re given, so my weight keeps going up slowly!

Monsoon season has not started yet. The hottest heat I’ve had was 115, it was disgusting and I wanted to die. They burn the fields around here a lot, so you can almost always see huge pillars of smoke it’s pretty insane.

The days are very tiring and exhausting but I always enjoy it, it’s super fun! That’s all I have to write for now, I love you all so much!