Back to a duo!

Hello everyone! I still haven’t died of heat stroke yet!

This past week was interesting. We lost Elder McFarlane, so I’m no longer in a trio. Which is kind of sad. He was an awesome missionary and Elder Morgan and I learned a ton from him in the week that he was here. I actually enjoyed being in a trio. He also had a violin that he let me play a few times, and I was absolutely thrilled. Elder McFarlane was just an awesome missionary, so Elder Morgan and I were both sad to see him go back up to Phoenix.

Here’s the highlights from the past week:

  • Yesterday a member of the bishopric offered to feed us, and we found out he has a missionary nametag that reads “elder pélon” (that means elder bald). We have no idea how he got it, but it’s super funny!
  • We got one of our investigators to finally agree to live the word of wisdom, and that’s been a huge struggle for him, so it was super exciting!
  • Last night we were talking with a lady who basically started talking about all the reasons why she doesn’t like our church, but we somehow managed to convince her to let us come by later in the week to explain our religion and answer her questions.
  • A couple of nights ago we street contacted a man in about his fifties. We could hear a bunch of commotion in his backyard and found out that one of his cats was giving birth. So we were talking with this man and we could hear all the kittens and every few minutes his granddaughter would come running out with a new kitten!

That’s pretty much it! I love you all and miss you all so much!