A Short Post

Not much happened last week. Oh, wait I lie, it rained!! Other than the rain though, not much happened:

  • We have a new investigator who always has an infinite number questions about our church. So teaching her is always fun and interesting!
  • We were in a super sketchy place a couple of days ago and felt that we should leave. So we did. We don’t actually know what would’ve happened, we just felt very strongly that we should leave.
  • On Wednesday I went on exchanges with an elder from a different area. We ended up having to buy dinner, but we didn’t want to use much money. So we bought string cheese, ripped it up and put it into tortillas and ate those in the car!

Today we went to these huge sand dunes for zone pday, it looks like it was straight out of Tatooine from Star Wars! I took pictures, but my tablet went screwy and corrupted them.

Sorry this post is super short, theres really not much to write about.