Miles to go

Hello! I’m doing well, and transfers happen on the 27, so that’s almost here! This transfer has flown by. And this week is crazy! We drive up to Tempe tonight, and tomorrow we have a six hour training with Elder Corbridge of the seventy. Then we drive down to San Luis after that. Then we drive back up to Tempe on Friday, and Saturday we have a two hour training with Elder Rasband! Then we drive back down after that’s over. All of that driving, plus transfers (because they always take the van we drive up to transfers, seeing as it has a lot of space) is going to use 1200 miles. Our limit is 1250, and we’ve already used about 550. So we’re going to be super over our miles this month! Yayy!

I wanted to share my favourite scripture – the second part of 1 Nephi 1:20: “But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.”

On Friday we went over to our investigator family’s house for a lesson and ended up playing uno with them for almost two hours as we taught them and just helped them through some of their struggles. So that was cool! We also got a referral from someone who went to a visitors center and a church service in Mexico. She’s super interested in learning about our beliefs, and especially about the temples and their purpose. So that’s super cool!

And a new family moved into the ward, so Elder Garner and I helped them move for a few hours. It was raining pretty good and we had a dust storm too! It was crazy! There was so much sand and dust in the air that I couldn’t see more than twenty feet away. And we were just moving stuff out from the U-haul truck into the house. So that was fun!

Lately in my free time at night/ personal study (more so free time than personal study) I’ve been reading a lot of Hugh Nibley talks and I feel smarter after reading them. That guy knows a lot about everything and he has a lot of ways to prove the gospel and the existence of God, so those are cool.

Also in gospel library under the young adults section, there’s some worldwide devotionals. The 2014 one has a talk thats entitled “What Is The Blueprint Of Christ’s Church?“. That talk uses a bunch of new testament scriptures to tell how Christ organized his church and how it should run. The speaker then says, “Christ’s true church should follow all of these guidelines from the bible”. Only one church does, and it’s ours! I highly recommend watching that one talk, it’s really good. I’ve actually bookmarked and tagged all the scriptures used in that talk and use them in lessons sometimes (or for when someone tries to anti our church, I can just use the bible to show where we got a certain doctrine or organisation from).

That’s all for right now, I love you all!