A slow week

This week was slow for us down here, seeing as we spent a collective 14 hours driving to and from Tempe. But the two meetings were cool! Elder Corbridge essentially taught us a slightly different way to missionary work by focusing on certain things that are actually an end goal.

As for the second meeting, Elder Rasband wasn’t able to come, he had to be elsewhere (due to revelation) so instead we had the president of the Seventy come down. He talked about the commandments and how they are there not to restrict us, but to help us build a relationship with God in this life. I thought that was a good way of looking at the commandments, so that was cool.

But apart from that, we weren’t able to do much work. Although we have some new investigators that seem super interested, so hopefully we’ll be able to continue teaching them.

Here’s our mission. We are too big to fit into just one picture, so there’s two here. I’m in the second one, see if you can find me!