Hello From Casa Grande!

Casa Grande is interesting! Our area is super huge, so we do a lot of driving. There also aren’t as many progressing investigators here either, however, we still try our best to do as good a job as we possibly can.
Today for our district P-day we made homemade pizza at a members house, even the dough was made from scratch. So that was a lot of fun! Then we went shopping and now we’re writing all of our emails and stuff. One of the elders that lives with us has also been teaching me how to solve a rubix cube, so by next week I should know how to do that!

As far as actual missionary work wise, we have an investigator that had been watching general conference and reads the BOM every day, and she takes a lot of notes about them and then reads them to us. That’s always super cool!

Also, one day my companion and I were at our house eating dinner, and a member came up, knocked and the door and had about 8 loaves of homemade bread leftover from an activity earlier that day. So we had a ton of bread to eat! It was amazing!

I’m sorry that the email is so short this week, i don’t have much to write about, still trying to learn the area and the area book app updated, so we’re trying to get used to that as well. I love you all!