Hey there everyone! This week has been a bit hectic! On Tuesday my companion was walking, about to put his socks on, then he looked at me and said “I feel dizzy”. Then he fell and blacked out and put a huge hole in our wall. He’s feeling better now though, but apparently his heart consistently skips a beat. So that was an interesting day, we pretty much just spent all day inside. He also can’t drive anymore, so we’ve had to get rides from other missionaries and members all week. Also because he can’t drive, we’ve ended up going on a ton of exchanges with other missionaries, where I go into one area and my companion goes into another. So I’ve been in a couple of trios and have spent almost no time in my area this week. I really like exchanges though, I always learn a lot from them and I’ve been able to help out a couple of missionaries that have been out for less time than I have.

On a cooler note, we have smartphones now! At zone conference we got them and they have a hotspot with five gigs of data on them, so we can do stuff like Facebook contact people when we’re driving between appointments. And those are going to become the norm in the mission, so now missionaries are going to be coming into the mission with smartphones instead of tablets. This mission is so spoiled!

Also, the zone conference was combined between my zone and the zone that my trainer, Elder Morgan, is in. So I got to see him again, and that was awesome! We were also able to put one of our investigators on date for baptism, for Dec. 23. So that’s cool!

That’s also really the only stuff that I have for this week, like I said, it’s been a bit hectic!
I love you all though, I hope that you have a great week!