It’s November

Hello there everyone! So transfers was fun, I actually ended up guessing how transfers would go the day before they actually happened. So here’s how it went:

  • I am now in a trio in Phoenix (I’m in a very southern part of Phoenix, near a place called Lavene) and it’s awesome!
  • I’m with Elder Mcfarlane again! He was in a trio with me for a week during my second transfer(in case you all forgot). He’s super awesome and I’m excited to be able to work with him again(hopefully for a full transfer this time).
  • The other Elder in the companionship is named Elder Hunt, I got to serve around him in San Luis and we get along pretty well, so that’s fun.
  • Also Elder Morgan, my trainer, is now my zone leader, so that’s pretty interesting.

Seeing as Elder McFarlane is the district leader, that means he’ll have to go on exchange with the Zone Leaders, so I’ll potentially be able to work with my trainer again, that would be so cool! This transfer is going to be so awesome!

It’s gotten pretty cold, for down here anyways: the days are no longer breaking 90 and it’s about 55 when we wake up, so it’s weather that’s actually somewhat bearable.

Today for P-day we’re basically just being lazy again, sitting at the house playing board games and what not. We also don’t have a house and a living with some members, so that’s an interesting change of pace than normal.

I’m still learning the area and trying to get all the names down, but it’s fun, the people here are awesome and I’m having a great time! My companions are also really cool and they’re able to make up for my shortcomings during lessons, so that’s really good!

I’m a bit fuzzy headed right now because everyone in the companionship has a slight head cold, so hopefully in a few days we’ll be better and back to normal.

That’s all for this week!
I love you all, miss you!
Hope that you all have a great week!