Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Hello there everyone! I’m writing this super early this week because our P-day is short today. Seeing as we can’t do any proselyting on Thanksgiving, that’s basically going to be our P-day. So today my P-day is just going shopping, cleaning slightly, and emailing. Then at noon it will be back to missionary work!

It’s been a lot of fun this week! On Friday our ward had basically a ward Thanksgiving dinner, so free food, it was very fun and we got to take some leftovers home which was also appreciated.

There’s also a lady who had two trees fall over in her yard, so we’ve been slowly helping her get those out of her yard this past week. Also, a few days ago, we saw a German shepherd that looked like a members lost dog. So we spent about 25 minutes trying to chase it down and catch it. We weren’t able to catch it, and we also found out later that it wasn’t the member’s lost dog, but it was still a lot of fun trying to chase it down.

Also my companions and I came up with a great way to find new investigators, but I’ll have to explain something slightly before I tell what our idea is:

  • So Elder McFarlane has a violin, and knows how to play it.
  • There’s a couple of members that have violins I can use while I wait for mine to get here.
  • Elder Hunt, my other companion, can play the cello, and a member has one he can borrow.

Our idea was to have a family home evening with a member and have them invite a bunch of their friends and neighbors, and then we’ll play some hymns and Christmas songs and then share a brief spiritual message and see if we can teach some of those people.

And then another thing we’re going to try is this; we’re going to go to one of the parks here with our instruments, walk up to people and ask if we can play a Christmas song. After we play, we’re going to share a spiritual message and ask if we can meet with them. It’s going to be so much fun! I can’t wait!

That’s all I have in terms of what we’ve done this week, but I do hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving! Over here we’re limited to eating at two member houses on Thanksgiving (because if there wasn’t a limit, virtually every member family would try to feed us) however with how much food Latinos make/eat, that two meals is the equivalent of four!

I love you all, and miss you a lot! Bye!