A fun week

Hey there everybody! For what’s been going on with me this week, I have a few stories:

On Saturday we were on exchanges again. Elder McFarlane left and one of our zone leaders (Elder Morgan, my trainer) came into the area with Elder Hunt and me. It was such a blast, I loved being able to work with Elder Morgan again!

On this same day we ended up knocking the door of a former investigator. As we knocked we noticed a German shepherd on a dog chain, the dog was sleeping but we kept an eye on it. We knocked again and then heard the chain start to move and heard some barking. So we ended up running away and I ended up impaling and ripping the sweater that I was wearing on a fence. It was terrifying though, that dog was huge! Looking back on it, it’s a fun story though.

Also we had a lot of fun when we ended up going to the park and playing violin for people and talking about the Church’s Light The World initiative. Pretty much everybody lived outside of our mission though, seeing as they were all here just visiting family. But we still had a lot of fun playing music and talking with people for two and a half hours. I never would have imagined saying that I’d have fun talking with a bunch of strangers a year ago, so I guess missions do actually change people!


That’s pretty much all I have this time, it’s kind of hectic because we’re changing houses today, so I don’t have much time to write anything else.

I love you all!