A cool week and a new haircut

Hey there everyone! It’s been a cool week.

Friday we had mission conference, which is just a mission wide all day P-day. It was a ton of fun, I got to see all of my past companions and other friends I’ve made on the mission. I also played Catan and Magic all day, because I’m still a nerd and thoroughly enjoy those things. So that was super fun.

Then last night we had a statewide Christmas activity, it was basically like the Christmas thing the ward did back at home where a bunch of different groups just play some Christmas songs about Jesus. All the missionaries from our ward and our Obispo played Silent Night and Oh Holy Night for that. It was a ton of fun and we did super well.

I also got my haircut today already, and it looks totally like I’m straight out of Provo with it. Here’s a low quality image from a poor angle of me so you can laugh at it.


There was also a baptism in our ward this week! It wasn’t for my companionship. It was for the other one in our ward, but it was still awesome. The spirit was super powerful and the guy just absolutely loves the gospel and he’s super humble. Here’s a picture of our companionship with him in them. You guys are getting so many pictures of me this time!

There’s not much else to write about this week.
I love you all and miss you a lot.
Have a great week!