Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Ohai! It’s been a fun week!

So for starters, this picture was taken at a members house, by a member that we were planning something with:



I am no longer in a trio! Elder Hunt got emergency transferred to a new area. Also, transfers are this week, but we’ve already found out that Elder McFarlane and I are going to stay together here in Phoenix!

Also this morning we were cleaning the house and we found a janky little fake Christmas tree. So we put it up and decorated it. Here’s a picture so you can see our pathetic janky decoration. It’s awesome though and we adore it in all of its horrendous glory!


I also have a picture they took of the whole mission at our mission conference (have fun trying to find me in it)!

Christmas 2017.1 (2)

And oh boy did I get packages! Our zone leaders came down after our district meeting and said to me “your mom sent you your entire bedroom! Does she miss you that much?!”

There were about eight packages I’ve received in the past week overall, including a bunch of boxes of food from quite a few different parties. To everyone who has sent me stuff: please know that I really appreciate all of the gifts!

Also, It’s cool to hear about the things going on in the ward! It’s going to be completely different by the time I get back!

Thats all for this week!
Love you all!