Happy New Year!

We didn’t have a lot of work this week, just because of Christmas and New Year’s, seeing as we had to be in early and nobody was here because of holiday stuffs.

I ended up getting the flu so that was pretty miserable. I just spent most of that day lazing around in my cookie monster pajamas and the Mexican poncho that’s in our apartment (at least we think it’s a poncho, it really just looks like a drug rug that somebody cut a hole into to make it a poncho).

We’re also having a ward family home evening this Wednesday and the Bishop asked us to do a musical number for that, so we’re going to end up practicing that later. We’ll be playing Come Thou Fount.

We also had an investigator ask us to send her specific scriptures to read every day. So in the morning right after we wake up we think of a chapter or couple of verses of scripture that would be good and send them to her. Then at the end of the day she sends us what she thought of the scripture. It’s super cool!

Thats about all I have to write this week, but before I go, here is a picture of the missionaries in this ward with the Bishop’s family:

received_996495217155202Love you all!