A Great Week

Hey there everyone! It’s been a great week.

We’ve found two new families to be able to teach and they seem super interested. I’m also going to be going on exchanges with our zone leaders tomorrow, so that should also be fun. I’ll be in the zone leader’s English speaking area tomorrow, so that’ll be an interesting change of pace.

We also have an apostle coming down on Saturday to give us some new training, so everyone’s excited for that. We have no idea who it’s going to be yet though, so I’ll write about all of that stuff next week.

We’re also starting up our “how to member missionary class” pretty soon. We’re just going to be building up the member’s strength in their ability to share the gospel with their friends, and a bunch of the members seem super excited about that. So hopefully that all goes super well!

We’re also doing a sports night for our investigators and members. I’m pretty sure most of us suck at sports, but it’ll still be fun!

Today we’re just being lazy again. Probably going to play Catan or Magic before we have to go out and proselyte.

Thats all for this week! I love you all!