Phoenix is Huge

Hey there everyone! Today was crazy for us! And by crazy I mean that we’ve been playing Catan and Magic for the past three hours.

Our district had a district P-day where we went up to the top of South Mountain and just hung out and ate pizza for a bit (I got some pictures that show how big Phoenix is).


There’s also a little stone hut that overlooks the valley and I got pictures from there too, it’s dark so there’s only silhouettes but they’re still pictures.

It’s cool to see the reorganization of church leadership. The church is going to have an interesting time.

Also, transfers are coming up on the 30! President basically told me that I’m staying in Aguila a lot longer, and we’re pretty sure that Elder McFarlane is leaving. Also President gave me a goal to work towards in this ward. He said to me in my interview with him last week: “Elder Ross I have a goal for you. I want you to help get Aguila ward back to baptizing at least once a month.” So no pressure on me or anything.

We’re starting up our class on helping teach members how to do member missionary work. It basically is just going to entail how to easily bring up the gospel in conversations and helping them realize that invite their friends to church activities is just as good as inviting them to church.

That’s really it for this week, I love you all! Have fun this week!