A baptism!

This week was awesome! Elder Jones and I had a baptism, even though neither of us really taught him it was still a super cool experience! And we get to teach him the new convert lessons and we’re going to teach him how to tie a tie. And we’re also going to probably start teaching his son.

We also have some other investigators on date for baptism, and all of them are progressing really well. The people here are all ready to be baptized, we just need to teach them a couple of things.

As for other stuff, we get maybe an hour or two of proselyting on a normal day, because we have four hours of studies. We have the two normal hours, then language, then training hour. It’s so much. It’s fun though, it’s definitely making me stretch a lot more than I can say is comfortable, but I am biking and trying to train a missionary, so that’s to be expected. I’m enjoying it though.

We don’t really have any stories this week, apart from the baptism, that was awesome though! And as for today, we’ve just been playing Catan and Magic, like always.

That’s all I have for this week. Love you all!