A packed week

Hey there everyone! We went to the temple super early this morning, but it’s always cool to go there and it was a cool way to start off P-day. Also the Mesa Easter pageant is going to start up pretty soon, and I’ve really wanted to go to that for awhile, so hopefully I’ll have an investigator go so my companion and I can go too.

We also have a recent convert family planning on going to the temple to go do baptisms for the dead on Saturday, and we get to go to that with them so that’s going to be awesome!

We’ve also been on exchanges three times in the past week, and I always enjoy those, so that was also pretty fun.

It also rained for about six straight hours last Wednesday. It was insane. We were biking around and freezing our butts off, but it was fun because it rained for the first time in five months.

Oh, we also had zone conference this week too, so that was cool. It was basically just a packed week, so we didn’t have a whole lot of proselyting time.

That’s all I have this week, talk to you all next week.