Transfer Time

Hey everyone! It’s transfer time again. Still don’t know if I’m staying or leaving here, we’re pretty sure that I’m staying though. If I find out whilst writing this, I’ll be sure to tack that on at the end.

This week has been an interesting week. We’ve had to go to no less than three doctors appointments because Elder Jones has been having some health problems. Pair this with the four hours of studies that we have most days and you can imagine that not much proselyting ended up getting done. The work that we were able to do has been pretty successful though.

We’ve been working with a lot of less active member (mostly because most of the less actives in the ward live in our area) but those members have made progress in coming back. On top of that, most of those less active families are also part member families, so we have a decent bit of work cut out for us.

We also went by a recent convert families house that both Elder Jones and I had a hand in baptizing, so we just made sure they were doing alright and then took some pictures ranging from okay to awful quality.

Our ward mission leaders daughter also had a birthday on Saturday, so all of us missionaries went to that, it was pretty fun.


Also while writing here at the library, there’s been a man that passed out due to some medical reason, so that was a twenty minute thing with some EMPs here trying to control that. Then right after that, a domestic argument broke out. I thought libraries are supposed to be quiet. Apparently not.