General Conference

Hi everyone, it’s been another fun week!

We had zone conference on Thursday and then on Friday Elder Rodriguez got called to go back to Puerto Rico, so we’re no longer a trio. And then conference was super cool too.

The priesthood and home teaching changes were unexpected, same with the temple that’s going to be in Russia. Also, we’re definitely going to have missionaries in China pretty soon, due to how much China loves President Nelson and the fact that we have a Chinese apostle.

I have no idea how ministering will work here, because home teaching was never done here to begin with. The priesthood thing doesn’t super affect this branch because priesthood and relief society are combined here.

This conference was super unique, pretty much all the talks related to the changes that they brought up. They also kept bringing up how we need to be unified and the importance of that too.

I really liked the David A Bednar talk. He’s an amazing teacher and I just really liked the topic he talked about. The bigger change was probably the ministering change. I never would’ve expected anything like that to happen.
I’m also trying to get my drivers license!

I got permission to drive because one of the elders we drive up with on P-day is 21, so I’ll be driving again. As to whether I get my license or not, I guess we’ll find out. Just pray that I don’t accidentally kill us all, that would be bad.

Thats all I have for this week. Love you all!