My tablet got stolen!

Hello everyone!
I’ve been great, lately we’ve been living off of microwave burritos and waffles. There’s some fruits and veggies occasionally, but those are too expensive to eat consistently, considering as we never get fed by members ever.

I’ve had time to practice driving, I drive us around pretty much every P-day, and I was slightly rusty but I’m doing pretty okay. My goal is to get my license sometime before my birthday. I’m also glad I’m driving here and not in Phoenix, that would suck. Everyone there is insane!

I’ve heard that the east coast got utterly destroyed by snow storms recently, is that true? I’d rather go through that than this 90+ temperature we’re already getting.

Anyways, onto the week. My tablet got stolen! And we had interviews with President. He told me he’s planning on keeping me here in Gila Bend next transfer. He also mentioned how he keeps moving me around because he knows how I can help out certain missionaries with their rough times.

He said to me “Elder Ross, I can see it now. You with a PhD in psychology.” that was awesome to hear. He also trusts me a lot. This area is rough and pretty slow, so he asked me to give a list of specific missionaries that i think could do well here. He said he’d take them all into consideration as he plans out transfers

I don’t really have any other stories or crazy things this week. Just a week of us working our butts off trying to pick up the area.

Thats all I have this week, love you all!