Cinco de Mayo

Hello everyone!

I can confirm the Cinco de Mayo thing, Americans celebrate it way more than Mexicans. It’s only like, one town in Mexico that celebrates it.

As for the area I’m in, I’m still loving it, despite the fact that there’s no members and the work is slow. I hold the mission record for number of trios currently.

Oh, today we had a great idea that I’m currently drawing up. We’re making Arizona Tempe Mission monopoly, so all the spaces are actual areas in the mission and all the vehicles are mission vehicles and so on. It’s a lot of fun, and we’re going to make a copy to give to our mission president and his wife.

And then yesterday was fast Sunday, and we only had ten people there. That’s including us and the branch presidency. So to help fill time I got to play How Great Thou Art on my violin. Everyone said that they really liked it!

Also on Cinco de Mayo the town had a celebration for that in the park, so we got a bunch of service hours helping set up and take down. We also got to take a massive banner that reads “Fiesta” back to our house as a decoration.

That was more or less our week, love you all!