An Interesting Baptismal Story

Hey everyone! We had a baptism last week, and it was an interesting time. Let me tell you all about it.

So first off, there’s not a baptismal font in our church building. So we ended up having to use the pool of a less active member. This member is also the wife of the mayor, so that was interesting to begin with.

Then, the baptism was scheduled to start at 6, with Della showing up at 5:30.

At 5:45, nobody was there.

At 6, pretty much everyone, including our mission president and his wife, all showed up for the baptism. Della still isn’t there. 15 minutes pass by, still no Della.

At this point my companion and I are playing prelude on the ukulele and violin stressing out about Della. At 6:30 she’s still not there, so a member goes to check on her. 5 minutes later there’s a text that says “Della is facing doubts and isn’t sure she’ll get baptized today. We’re going to try and have at least come over to see everyone that is there to support her.”

At 6:45 they’re still not there. So one of my companions and I go over with a different member and totally leave our companion behind to keep playing prelude on his ukulele (there were 6 other missionaries there, so he wasn’t companion-less).

We got to Dellas house and she was still facing doubts and was straight up not going to show up, so it’s a good thing the members went over. We ended up talking with  for a bit and consoled her, then she decided to go through with getting baptized.

So we all showed up at 7:10 to finally start the services. It was awesome!


Apart from that, it’s been a pretty normal week.
Love you all!