The Giantest Area

Hello everyone, so I shall try to explain what happened with transfers, it’s going to take some background info though, so here goes:

When a missionary ends their mission in the Yuma zone (or Ajo/Gila Bend) they get taken from the zone and go up to the valley (that’s Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, etc.) because the last week there’s a bunch of stuff for departing missionaries, and Yuma is too far away for them to do that.

So in San Luis there were two people going home, and a third missionary going to Mexico. This would’ve left one Elder by themselves, which couldn’t have happened. So I got shipped down to be their comp for a week, mostly because I’ve served in San Luis before. We all assumed that I’d stay there.

Then President Christensen called me on Sunday before actual transfers and said “Elder Ross, you know how much I love you right? Well, the Lord needs you to leave San Luis and go teach in English”.

So now I’m in an English area (it’s the biggest area in the mission, it’s the area that goes into California). Here’s a picture of our mission map to show you.


So that’s how that happened. I am in an English ward, and my companion is an English elder, so any time we contact a Mexican (which has happened at least twice a day since I’ve been here) I’m on my own, and my comp has to pray that I’m not screwing up.

So yeah, that was my week, I’ve done a ton of moving around and readjusting, but it’s been fun. We have 7 people on date for baptism, 3 of which are scheduled to be baptized on August 18, so that’s going to be a lot of work coming up pretty soon.

Love you all, miss you.

P.s, not that I’m trunky or anything, but I just did some mental math this morning and I only have about 7.5 months left. That’s scary!