Not dead yet!

Hello everyone, here’s my weekly report letting you all know that I’m not dead!

To answer the “when are you coming home” question my last email brought up; by my understanding, I’ll be done on March 18. I’m pretty sure about that anyways.

But as for what happened this week, we’ve done a lot of driving. Seeing as we have the biggest area in the mission I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to over 2 hours in the car. Here I was thinking I’d get away from that, nope. Gila Bend was just to prep me for how much car time I’d be having.

My companion and I have had to give talks in both of our wards in the past two weeks, so that’s been keeping me busy. We also have a zone conference on Friday and for that one of our investigators and I will be doing a musical number so I have to start practicing that to avoid causing permanent damage to the ears of 20 other missionaries.

We’re still teaching a bunch of people, but some of them have fallen off the face of the planet, so finding them has been difficult.

We’ve also contacted people that speak only Spanish pretty much on the daily, so I still get to use my Spanish. This is fun when they invite us in to teach them, because my companion knows no Spanish at all, so I’m single handedly teaching for about 30 minutes praying I don’t screw something up.

That’s about all that I have for this week.

Love you all!