Fun Stories

Hello everyone! We’ve had a fun week.

We’ve had to give like, five blessings this week, for a bunch of different reasons, ad that’s always fun and good. But we’ve also just been running around like headless chickens, for other not so fun reasons.

On Thursday we helped somebody move, and they live in a sketchy area of town. And then we started moving all of her boyfriends stuff from the house as well. This guy had four car radios and just a bunch of tools that look like they’re used for breaking into cars. I say this because the tools were things that a normal person wouldn’t have lying around in their tool box and the people had no explanation as to why they had so many random car radios that don’t even match up with their car. So I got to help move a guy’s criminal tools, yay!

We committed one of our investigators to live the word of wisdom and the next day we went to follow up on it and the first thing he said when he saw us was “alright you guys caught me. I’m drunk”. We committed him to live it again a later day, and even managed to have him get rid of his tobacco pipe. Then yesterday we go to check up, and he’s got a new pipe!

One of our investigators didn’t want to show up to her baptismal interview, because they weren’t feeling well. This was an hour before the interview was supposed to happen. So we went over, gave her a blessing and promised her that she’d feel better if she went. So she went, and she did feel better. Before she showed up though, her and her friend (who’s a recent convert) wanted to get food. So they gave us ten dollars to go get them taco bell so they could eat after her interview. And the person that gave us the food was a manager, and a member, so she gave us four baja blasts for free. All in all, that was an interesting experience.

We’ve been in our car a lot because of how big the area is. We’ve already gone over 800 miles this month, so you can probably imagine how long we spend in the car. Good thing we have a collective 20 gigabytes of music to listen to.

I think that’s all for this week. Love you all!