Jordan’s Baptism

Hey there everyone!

It’s been a super fun week! We had a baptism on Saturday for Jordan, and her friend Daniel is going to be getting baptized this weekend as well, so we’ve been super busy trying to keep all of that together.


We also drove 240 miles on Friday because we had someone to teach all the way on the very far end of our area, and we have a couple of other people to teach out there too. So I’m about to spend far more time than I ever wanted to spend inside of a car.

We also accidentally went off roading in our truck for a little bit because Google maps told us to take this dirt path that led to the middle of nowhere, so that was also a bunch of fun.

We had our interviews with President Christensen on Friday and he’s currently planning to transfer me, again. Based off how my mission has gone so far, I doubt anybody is really surprised by that.

That’s all I have for my report this week. Love you all!