It Finally Rained!

Hello everyone! We had an eventful week.

On Wednesday it rained for the first time in months. And it wasn’t a little rain either (for Arizona standards). It rained for about 5 hours nonstop, everything was flooding and our clothes were getting destroyed it was awesome.

On that day, as we were crossing an intersection, my companion stopped suddenly and I don’t have time to react to this. So I ran full on into his back tire, did a front flip off of my bike and had the bike land on top of me. I’m still okay, no damage occurred to me or the bike. I should also mention that we were on exchanges this day.


Also as we were biking in the rain, a group of kids offered us some drugs, so we kind of just ignored them and went on our way. We also knocked the door of a household that only spoke Vietnamese. It was a fun Wednesday.

Also a week ago we tracted the door of a woman who is friends with a member of the church. The woman (named Mia) said she wasn’t interested but took our phone number if she ever needed help. Well three days ago we got a call from her asking if we could help out with her yard and that her neighbor wanted help as well. It’s awesome! We have a bunch of service lined up for them (because their yards need a ton of work) and we’ll probably end up being able to teach them as well!

On Saturday my companion (the same one that I crashed into) crashed his bike twice. Then both of his tires went flat at the end of the night, so we had no form of transportation for Sunday. So we got a ton of rides with members.

Our fridge and freezer also no longer work. So we got some ice chests with ice from a member and that’s currently holding all of our food and it’s in a dark closet with two fans blowing on it to cool it down. We have no clue when our fridge will get fixed.

It’s been a ton of fun.

Love you all!