3 Trunk Or Treats

Hello there everyone! Hope life is going well!

This week was honestly pretty boring. We had meetings pretty much every day, so not a whole lot of proselyting work was able to get done. We did have one of our wards trunk or treats on Saturday though. It was pretty fun. We mostly just mingled about trying to get to know some of the people, but it was still fun.

I also keep getting migraines, and I’m not entirely sure why. I may just be stressed out and not realizing it. But yeah, apart from meetings and migraines and whatnot, the weeks been pretty alright. We’re still trying our best to find new people and to help strengthen the wards that we serve in.

We’ve got two more trunk or treats, both on Tuesday. And then Halloween we need to be inside by 6, so we’re going to probably play a lot of Catan then.

That’s all I have this week, Love you all!