It’s Been Another Week

Hey everyone! I’m still not dead. But I did have to go to urgent care. I’ll tell you all why:
Last p-day we were playing soccer or something and someone ended up stepping on my foot. And it really freaking hurt. I thought nothing of it and just kept playing, albeit a bit gentler. After it was done I took off my shoe to discover that about 25% of my sock was coated in blood. I thought “well that’s definitely not a good sign I should call Sister Christensen”.

I’ll save you all the gory details but basically, they ended up having to chop off a pretty decent chunk of my toenail and there was a ton of blood. I also can’t wear close toed shoes. So then what do I wear while proselyting you may ask?
I have to wear black crocs.

For two weeks.

It’s awful and hilarious at the same time.

Also Elder Piper of the seventy was here on Friday. He essentially gave us a training that revolved around how we can better help people want to keep commitments and how we can better work with members. That training was really good for this zone because the only way we can actually be effective is by working with members. And I have no idea how to do that super well. Because working with members in Spanish work was a lot different that in English work.

That’s about it. We have meetings practically every day this week again. So I’m not super excited about that. But we do have our interviews with President Christensen on Wednesday, which I am looking forward to. Also transfers are the day before Thanksgiving, so I’ll probably know on next Pday whether I’m staying or leaving.

Love you all!

Elder Ross