¡Regresaré a la obra español! (I’m going back to Spanish!)

So if you couldn’t tell by the heading, I’m getting transferred. I’ll be heading back to one of my old wards: I’ll be back in Casa Grande, but I’m going to the other Spanish area there. I’ll also be companions with one of the Elders that I kind of trained (the one I was with for a week in San Luis the second time around). His name is Elder Richan and he is hands down one of my favourite elders in the mission. He’s a super hard worker and a great guy. So I’m very excited!

So for the rest of the update. This week has been busy, mostly because we’ve had meetings every day. Tuesday we had a zone meeting, Wednesday were interviews with President, Thursday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders, Friday we had another smaller meeting as part of the zone, Saturday we had to go to a funeral (one of my recent converts and her daughter went to the temple too, and that’s a street outside of our area, so I got to go congratulate them) and then Sunday was the usual church meetings from 8:30 to 5 schedule.

Because of all these meetings and whatnot, you can imagine that we didn’t end up having a whole lot of proselyting time. When we did it was just the usual “go by less-actives”, and “try to find a couple of formers” stuff, so no interesting stories there.

However on my exchange we had a contact that became funny later on.
Saturday we got a call from the zone leaders that went something like this:

Zone Leader: hey Elder Ross, you remember that one person who we asked them about their member neighbor?
Me: yeah I do. (I’m usually not a fan of asking people about their member neighbors because that can be seen as creepy)
ZL: well she made a Facebook post in the community page that we’re a part of that goes as follows:

“Thursday at around 2:00pm two young men claiming to be missionaries knocked my door and asked probing questions about me and about my neighbor. They didn’t fit the usual description of missionaries as one was wearing a sweater instead of a white shirt and had a name tag on the opposite side of his shirt. They also were using a grey minivan instead of bikes. Keep an eyeout for these imposter missionaries and alert the police next time you see them”

I would like to say that I had a sweater because it was rather cold that day, and when we wear sweaters or suit coats our mission president wants us to wear the tags on our right side, not the left. But yeah, missionaries can’t go back to that little housing development for a little while.

So the moral is, as I already assumed: don’t ask people questions about their neighbors who are members. It weirds them out.

Well, that’s all I have for this week. Love you all!