Hey there everybody! I’m enjoying being back in Spanish work again.

We had a fun Thanksgiving, we hung out with members for a little bit and I ended up playing a lot of Magic. I’ll send some pictures that we were able to take.

I was also told Saturday night that I’m giving a talk on Sunday (yesterday). So that was fun to make a talk with all five minutes of prep time. I feel like I did pretty well though.

We have a mission conference with President Ballard on Sunday, and then we have our Christmas conference the next day. So we’re going to be doing a bunch of driving in those two days, but it’ll be awesome!

Apart from all that, we’re just working our butts off, like normal. Doing our best to try to find people to teach. I’m also trying to continually improve my Spanish. It’s kind of plateaued though because really I just need to increase my vocab and two grammar points. So yeah, I can say with confidence that I speak Spanish now!

I got the scriptures that you sent me. Thank you so much for doing that! I’ve been marking them up a lot so that I can use them in lessons and whatnot.
That’s all for now! Love you all!