Happy Decemberween

Hello everyone! We had a crazy week.

On Thursday we had this service project for a member where he tried to have us build a shed. But how he wanted us to build it was physically impossible. We didn’t realize this until about three hours into the project when one of my housemates measured all the pieces and realized “what he wants us to do mathematically doesn’t add up” so that was fun. Trying to fix that mistake was interesting. 

The next day, we found someone whose house was getting condemned, so we ended up helping them tear up a bunch of their yard and are going to be going back to help them demolish part of their garage. 

And then yesterday we had President (M. Russell) Ballard come down to our mission and we had roughly an hour and a half long meeting with him.

First off, he’s super short. He’s only an inch or two taller than I am. And when he came in and saw all of us lined up to take our mission photo with him, the first thing he said was “you all look like a bunch of mormon… Oh wait, I’m not allowed to say that anymore”!

He also gave some really cool advice on how to be better missionaries and things of that sort. It was super awesome and the spirit was really strong. There was definitely a difference between when he was there and when he left.

Also for the last couple of days we had one of the elders who is serving in Gila Bend up here with us. He got there right after I left, so we shared companions and know a lot of the same people. He’s also a pretty cool guy, so it’s been fun getting to do missionary work with him. 

There’s some other weird things that have happened too, but I can’t remember them. Sorry about that!

That’s about it for this week. Love you all