Happy Week Before Christmas!

Hey everyone! This week has been a good one. We’ve been spending a bunch of time in this trailer park in our area, because that’s where most of the people that speak Spanish live. We did a service project for this guy that needed a bunch of stuff moved out of his yard or he’d get evicted from his property. And when I say a bunch of stuff, I mean it’s just a bunch of garbage, parts to about seven motorcycles, a bunch of parts to trucks, some swords and just a bunch of junk. It was fun! 

We went on exchanges this week. Our district leader came into the area with me. It was fun, he’s an English elder, so that made it a little hard for him. But we had a ton of fun.

To prank him, we poured a bunch of cold water on him in the shower. Then one of our housemates poured soda on me while I was showering, so that was interesting shower experience.

The other Spanish elders had their car get wrecked. It was parked and someone just straight up ran into it, so they had to drive around with us for a little bit.

Not a whole lot else happened this week, just work like normal I’ll see y’all next week. Bye!