Unpack? Why would I ever unpack my suitcase?

So. I’m getting transferred again. I’ve typed that so often it came up on my tablets auto suggest! I don’t know where to.

I sure hope nobody is shocked by this development, I’m sure not. I’m going on to my 12th area with my 17th companion at this point, for anyone that wants the numbers. 

This week was kind of slow, which makes sense seeing as everyone is gone to visit family for the holidays. My companion and I did a bunch of work trying to set up an English class in one of the cities in our area. We made a decent amount of contacts with people that have connections to help us set it up. Here’s the funny thing though, we’re getting whitewashed out. So that’ll be an interesting thing for the sisters coming into our area to work around. I’m sure they’ll do great, but there’s a lot of info regarding that English class stuff that we need to send over to them.

So last week we ended up dropping off some Christmas gifts to a member in our branch (I’m pretty sure I wrote about this last week). Well we ate with her three nights ago, and she totally saw us as we drove away. So she knew that we had dropped off the gifts, but she didn’t know what members gave them to her. So mission accomplished? I think? It was fun though. Her kid really liked his gift and she really needs all the support and help that can get. It was awesome being able to help out. 

I love being in Spanish work! And I’m definitely enjoying this branch a lot, but it’s time to move on. Can’t wait to see where I’m going. 

But yeah, we’ve just done a ton of driving this week. We’re about 400 miles over our monthly limit, but we’ve been doing a lot of spade work for future transfers. I’ve still been awful at taking pictures, I apologize for that.

Love you all!

Update! I’m going back to South Phoenix!!! I’m excited!