Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! It’s been an awesome time being back in Phoenix again. And being on a bike is awesome too. Except at night because it’s cold. And don’t say “oh you’re in Arizona, it’s not that bad” it usually gets to between 35 and 48 most nights. That’s freezing when you’re on a bike with no coat. So I’m going to end up buying a thicker sweater today.

Apart from freezing my butt off though, Phoenix is just as awesome and sketchy as I remember it. We see weird things on a daily occurrence, like a woman who has a shopping cart full of pastries bungee tied to her bag, to me racing a kid on his dirt bike (I won the first race and he barely beat me the second time).

Most of the Ward members remember me, which is cool because I was only here for six weeks. They all thought that I had started here the first time, to which I reply “no, I just sucked at Spanish then, but I can speak now.” 

A lot of people, both members and nonmembers actually compliment me on my Spanish, so that’s nice to know, that I actually sound authentic. One of them actually said to me “if I were to close my eyes and hear you speak, I’d be convinced that you’re from south America.” Not that my head is getting big, I still have a ton that I need to learn, but it’s nice to know that I can actually speak Spanish now. 

Oh! Our first day here our bishop took all six missionaries in the ward out to lunch at this awesome food truck. Super sketchy looking, which means it’s super authentic, there’s a direct correlation there. But anyways, it was all fine and good. And then that night I had painfully awful diarrhea. The meat had basically just gone straight through. It came out looking exactly like how it had come in, and it smelled awful! 

My new comp is an interesting guy. His name is Elder Alvarez and he was born in Mexico but he grew up in Virginia. That’s about all that I have for this week. Love you all!