Hello everyone!

This week has been good. We’ve been biking, as always, doing a ton of work. It’s been fun. 

There was a baptism in the ward yesterday. It was awesome. The two elders were super stoked, and the guy getting baptized was pretty excited. So that was fun. 

We’re probably going to try to set up an English class here, because a lot of the people that we’ve talked with have mentioned how they wish there was an English class close by that they could go to. 

Today we ended up hiking south mountain (thats the mountain range that separates Phoenix from Ahwatukee area). That was a ton of fun. I’d send pictures, but I don’t have any from that yet, so I’ll probably end up sending those next week. 

Some stuff happened, just your average everyday Phoenix sketchiness. Yeah, there’s not a whole lot that has happened. 

I’ll write more next week, love you all.