Happy MLK Day!

Hey everyone. This week was fun!A lot of weird stuff happened.

Yesterday at about 6:45 in the morning there was this cat that got trapped in our backyard and would not stop meowing and trying to get into our house.

And then there was this drunk guy walking around the cul de sac singing pretty loud. So that was an interesting start to Sunday. 

We almost got hit head on by a truck as well. We were biking down and even though we had the right of way, this guy was not stopping. So we brushed up against the trucks and it was not pleasant. If you ever want to feel close to death, just bike around South Phoenix for a few hours.

Also during a lesson we had my companions tablet on this little side table, and the persons daughter kept trying to grab said tablet. So I moved it back a little, and sent the little lamp on the table crashing to the ground. They were pretty chill about it though, they said not to worry and kept going on as if nothing had happened.

There’s also these corner-side preachers that set up right next to the church building, complete with a ton of speakers so you can hear them half a block away. My companion and I had to make some calls and do other technology stuff. So we could hear these guys just yelling and praising Jesus in Spanish. It’s so fun. They’re honestly one of my favorite parts of Phoenix. 

We also had zone conference this weekend, and that’s always fun. Afterwords I got interviewed by my mission president, mostly because I need a new temple recommend but also for other stuff. And he pretty much outright told me that I won’t be staying here next transfer. Which doesn’t shock me because I’ve “six-weeked” every area since July.

O yeah, I also got the pictures from last week from the hike we went on.

Thats about all I have for this week. Love you all.