A Short Post

Not much happened last week. Oh, wait I lie, it rained!! Other than the rain though, not much happened: We have a new investigator who always has an infinite number questions about our church. So teaching her is always fun and interesting! We were in a super sketchy place a couple of days ago and […]

Back to a duo!

Hello everyone! I still haven’t died of heat stroke yet! This past week was interesting. We lost Elder McFarlane, so I’m no longer in a trio. Which is kind of sad. He was an awesome missionary and Elder Morgan and I learned a ton from him in the week that he was here. I actually […]

Triple Threat!

Hello everyone! It’s super hot down here, it’s also not encouraging that all the natives talk about how it’s never gotten this hot by this time before, so I’m in for super hot summer! And it’s starting to get humid down here too! Transfers happened, and I’m in a trio yaaaaayyyyyy!! I’m still with Elder […]

How Missionaries Do Birthdays…

For my birthday, we were at a huge member families home, and Elder Morgan told them it was my birthday so the whole house burst into song. And my zone leaders got the senior primary in their ward to sing for me too. It was adorable!┬áThen a member invited us over and taught us how […]