Happy Halloween!

Hello there again everyone! So, our P-day was switched to today, that’s why you’re getting this late. Since we have to be inside by six tonight, because of Halloween, they just made our P-day be today. But we get to go to the Mesa temple today, so that’s awesome! My companion is able to drive […]

Short and sweet

Hello everyone!┬áMy companion is doing better, but we’re still not allowed to drive. So we’ve spent virtually no time in our area, it’s been kind of hard these past two weeks. But it’s been fun, I’ve enjoyed everything that has happened. As for things that have happened this week, I was last minute asked to […]


Hey there everyone! This week has been a bit hectic! On Tuesday my companion was walking, about to put his socks on, then he looked at me and said “I feel dizzy”. Then he fell and blacked out and put a huge hole in our wall. He’s feeling better now though, but apparently his heart […]

Hello From Casa Grande!

Casa Grande is interesting! Our area is super huge, so we do a lot of driving. There also aren’t as many progressing investigators here either, however, we still try our best to do as good a job as we possibly can. Today for our district P-day we made homemade pizza at a members house, even […]