Rez Dogs Are Mean

Hey everyone! We went out to the reservation yesterday. The dogs almost attacked us so we had to chuck rocks at them. And they still wouldn’t let down so we just tried to leave as quick as possible without agitating them. I’m also in my fifth trio, so theres not much new in that. I’ve […]

Trio #5

Hey there everyone! I know that I’m staying here in Gila Bend, I’m going to be in my fifth trio, so that’ll be exciting. We did a bunch of service this week, mostly just a bunch of intense gardening/landscaping like stuff, so I enjoyed that. Apart from that, not much else happened. I had my […]

Valley Fever?

Hey everybody! We have a new branch president! He’s a recent convert of about three years and he’s 80 years old. So it’s going to be an interesting time. We also got caught in a pretty gnarly dust storm 4 days ago. You could visibly see all the dust from only 30 feet away, and […]

My tablet got stolen!

Hello everyone! I’ve been great, lately we’ve been living off of microwave burritos and waffles. There’s some fruits and veggies occasionally, but those are too expensive to eat consistently, considering as we never get fed by members ever. I’ve had time to practice driving, I drive us around pretty much every P-day, and I was […]

General Conference

Hi everyone, it’s been another fun week! We had zone conference on Thursday and then on Friday Elder Rodriguez got called to go back to Puerto Rico, so we’re no longer a trio. And then conference was super cool too. The priesthood and home teaching changes were unexpected, same with the temple that’s going to […]