An Interesting Baptismal Story

Hey everyone! We had a baptism last week, and it was an interesting time. Let me tell you all about it. So first off, there’s not a baptismal font in our church building. So we ended up having to use the pool of a less active member. This member is also the wife of the […]

We found a cool family

This week was interesting. On Saturday we ended up street contacting a bunch of crazy/super drunk people, so those were really fun and bizarre contacts. We also did service in the Gilbert temple on Friday, we helped do all the laundry from baptisms and stuff. We found a really cool family of six on Saturday […]

New Companions

Hello everyone! It’s been a fun week. My new companions are cool. They’re called Elder Christen (I’ve served in the same ward as him before) and Elder Haymond (he’s one of the missionaries that they had to transfer out of Nicaragua, so he has some cool stories.) We had stake conference this week, and it […]

I’m Staying In Gila Bend

Hello everyone, we found out what’s going to happen for transfers. I’m going to stay and my companions are both leaving. So I’m going to be in my sixth trio with companions 11 and 12. We also put one of our investigators on date for baptism on July 1st, so that’s going to be exciting! […]