Not dead yet!

Hello everyone, here’s my weekly report letting you all know that I’m not dead! To answer the “when are you coming home” question my last email brought up; by my understanding, I’ll be done on March 18. I’m pretty sure about that anyways. But as for what happened this week, we’ve done a lot of […]

The Giantest Area

Hello everyone, so I shall try to explain what happened with transfers, it’s going to take some background info though, so here goes: When a missionary ends their mission in the Yuma zone (or Ajo/Gila Bend) they get taken from the zone and go up to the valley (that’s Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, etc.) because the […]

Leaving San Luis!

Hey there everyone. So, I found what’s happening on transfers. I’m getting transferred again! So I’m going into my eighth area, with my fourteenth companion. And I’m going into an English area, so that’ll be a slightly different experience from what I’m used to. I can’t deny that I’m disappointed about that, but it’ll be […]

Back to San Luis!

Hey there everyone! Sorry for emailing on Tuesday, our P-day was changed on us, because we went to the temple today. Because of that, we’re spending roughly 3 and a half hours driving today, so I apologize if this email is short. I’m also being transferred early, because of weirdness in the mission. So I’m […]

My Birthday and Graffiti

Hey everyone! I’m an old man now! No longer a teenager, and I feel absolutely no different. I don’t really have any birthday plans, we’re just going to be stuck in our car driving for two hours, like always. Probably play Magic, like normal. We had a fun week. On Saturday we went down to Yuma […]