Daniel’s Baptism

Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week, we had that baptism and it was cool! We’ve also been told that we only have 50 miles for the rest of the month due to how many people are being transferred. So that’s going to be fun limiting ourselves to basically 7 miles a day with an […]

Jordan’s Baptism

Hey there everyone! It’s been a super fun week! We had a baptism on Saturday for Jordan, and her friend Daniel is going to be getting baptized this weekend as well, so we’ve been super busy trying to keep all of that together. We also drove 240 miles on Friday because we had someone to […]

Fun Stories

Hello everyone! We’ve had a fun week. We’ve had to give like, five blessings this week, for a bunch of different reasons, ad that’s always fun and good. But we’ve also just been running around like headless chickens, for other not so fun reasons. On Thursday we helped somebody move, and they live in a […]

Star Wars Dinner

Hello there everyone, I still haven’t died of heat stroke, so that’s a plus! The person we had dinner with last night is a huge Star Wars fan so when he asked us what we want to eat I replied “give us a meal worthy of the tusken raiders”. He then made kabobs and blue […]