Hey there everybody! I’m enjoying being back in Spanish work again. We had a fun Thanksgiving, we hung out with members for a little bit and I ended up playing a lot of Magic. I’ll send some pictures that we were able to take. I was also told Saturday night that I’m giving a talk […]

It’s Been Another Week

Hey everyone! I’m still not dead. But I did have to go to urgent care. I’ll tell you all why: Last p-day we were playing soccer or something and someone ended up stepping on my foot. And it really freaking hurt. I thought nothing of it and just kept playing, albeit a bit gentler. After […]

Halloween Lockdown

Hello again everyone! I realize I haven’t told you where I’m at, so I’ll start by answering the geography question while I’m looking at this map here. So last transfer I was in more central Chandler/northern Gilbert area. Now I’m in more southern Chandler/Gilbert area. Apart from that, this week was pretty alright. We had the […]