Unpack? Why would I ever unpack my suitcase?

So. I’m getting transferred again. I’ve typed that so often it came up on my tablets auto suggest! I don’t know where to. I sure hope nobody is shocked by this development, I’m sure not. I’m going on to my 12th area with my 17th companion at this point, for anyone that wants the numbers.  […]

After all there’s only one moar sleep till Christmas!

Hey everyone! It’s Christmastime! Anyways, this week was cool. We’ve done a poo ton of driving. So just a ton of time in the car. We also had our interviews with President Christensen, and he said he’s planning on keeping me here.  We’ve helped a couple of families move, and those were fun service projects. Trying […]

Happy Week Before Christmas!

Hey everyone! This week has been a good one. We’ve been spending a bunch of time in this trailer park in our area, because that’s where most of the people that speak Spanish live. We did a service project for this guy that needed a bunch of stuff moved out of his yard or he’d get […]

It’s been another week in Spanish work

Well, I’ve survived another week. Our miles however, have not. We’ve already gone through about half of our monthly miles because of all the meetings that we’ve had to go to. But they were pretty alright meetings, so it could be a lot worse. We also had stake conference this weekend, so that makes seven […]

Happy Decemberween

Hello everyone! We had a crazy week. On Thursday we had this service project for a member where he tried to have us build a shed. But how he wanted us to build it was physically impossible. We didn’t realize this until about three hours into the project when one of my housemates measured all […]