Hey there everyone! Yeah, I’m gonna keep this one pretty short cuz we’re running around taking care of last minute stuff and I’m gonna see you all soon anyways. I was able to ship all of my stuff home through a service owned by members, so that should all be getting there soon. My plane […]

Final Countdown…

Hello everyone! This week was pretty cool. There were interviews with President. Which given, mine wasn’t too long because I have my departing interview next week. We just talked about what this area needs. He asked who I thought would be good for my comp, seeing as I know pretty much everyone in the mission. […]


Hey there, it’s been a fun week! I apologize if the English in this post is awful, I’m writing it while I have a wicked migraine, so I’m not thinking too straight right now. Today was fun, we went out to the dunes. That’s the place in California where they filmed the “Tatooine” parts of […]

How many times can I say hectic?

Hello everyone, thanks for the update! This past week has been hectic: On Monday we drove up to Tempe We had zone conference and went to the temple on Tuesday. Then we drove back down on Wednesday. Thursday was just busy. Friday we had to help out with a ward activity from 3 until the […]