Hey there, it’s been a fun week! I apologize if the English in this post is awful, I’m writing it while I have a wicked migraine, so I’m not thinking too straight right now.

Today was fun, we went out to the dunes. That’s the place in California where they filmed the “Tatooine” parts of Star Wars. It’s an experience going out there, but the trek there always gives me migraines.

As for missionary work that’s happened: We’re teaching some people, as always. One of them is pretty cool. He’s an old Mexican man who’s never had a family because he’s an orphan and when he tried to have a family with his wife it failed miserably. So we’ve been working with him and making sure to fellowship him like crazy, just so we can show that we care about him. It was so heart wrenching to hear his story. But he’s honestly awesome, it’s a ton of fun working with him.

I also got to go on exchanges with the district leader on Saturday. It was fun. We just worked our butts off and talked with a ton of people.

On a different day we ended up spending over an hour trying to help someone download a pdf of the Book of Mormon onto their laptop that’s hooked up to their TV so that they can read the Book of Mormon. We were doing this because they have bad eyesight so with this, the lettering would be big enough for them to read.

One of the sister missionaries serving in this Spanish branch was in the Hill Cumorah pageant every year, so we were talking about that. So I started talking about people we know that have been in it, and I started talking about Jared (Mathews), and she said “wait, you know Jared?” So that was cool to find out that I and this sister missionary both know Jared!

But yeah, Yuma is still awesome I love it down here. I’ll be sad to leave next week, but it’ll also be cool to finish my mission in Phoenix.

That’s all for this week. Love you all