Final Countdown…

Hello everyone! This week was pretty cool.

There were interviews with President. Which given, mine wasn’t too long because I have my departing interview next week. We just talked about what this area needs. He asked who I thought would be good for my comp, seeing as I know pretty much everyone in the mission.

My companion and I also ended up going fishing with one of our investigators. We didn’t catch anything, but it was fun nonetheless. It was a cool way to get to know the guy better and show that we’re actually people and not just Jesus robots.

I also got to Skype into a baptism in Phoenix for a father and daughter that Elder Alvarez and I found and taught a lot of the lessons to last transfer. It was super awesome.

Oh, they also last minute called on me to give a talk in church. Like, I walked into the chapel and the first counseler said “Elder Ross we have an emergency. One of our speakers hasn’t showed up, could you give a talk?” So I got to do that, it was a lot of fun. It was definitely testing my reliance on the spirit though, I will say that.

After church one of the members asked me if I could write down what I had said so that he could use it as notes for future lessons that he teaches. So at least one person was paying attention to my talk!

We’re also in charge of the branch family home evening tonight, which is really just the branch throwing a party for me and the sister missionary that’s leaving. So it’ll be cool!

I’ve also started shipping stuff. I don’t know when they’ll get there. Probably at all different times. But yeah, expect a few boxes. Honestly some of them will end up getting there after I do probably. I’m also going to be shipping my bike home.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll see you all next week!