It’s Already Been One Month!

Hey everybody! I’m feeling great! La CCM (that’s MTC in Spanish) es muy bueno! Everything here is awesome, as always!


I have a companion, his name is Elder Lofgreen. He is a total germaphobe and a neat freak, so we’re totally perfect together!

The training is really good but it’s super brutal. Language is getting a bit easier, it’s still a ton of work though. During one of our lessons with a progressing investigator (that’s when our teacher pretends to be an investigator and we teach them) my companion accidentally told our investigator that the Holy Ghost is a phantasm – teaching lessons in Spanish is difficult. During another of our investigator lessons, of the first vision, our investigator said he doesn’t believe in God because he doesn’t believe in aliens. It was fun trying to explain in Spanish how God isn’t an alien!

 We got to go to the Mexico City temple on P-Day, it was awesome! It was such a cool experience! There’s like three floors to it and it has a visitor center. It’s neat!

I love and miss everybody and am so glad for their support! It’s so cool to hear all the stuff they’re doing! It’s awesome that Ashley and Matt got their mission calls! I’m super excited for them!

I’ll remember to take more pictures and to be good. I love you all!