Hey there everyone! It’s been a good week. I’m still in a biking area, but I’m loving being in Yuma again. It’s not San Luis, but I still love it. Yuma is the best! I’m not too sure about the calls and stuff, but I probably will either try to video call or phone call […]

It’s February!

Hello everyone! It’s been another typical week here in Phoenix. I’ve been sick for the past five days, so I haven’t done too much in the way of work, because nobody wants someone who’s sneezing, coughing, and dropping mucus on the their door or in their house. Apart from that, when I have been outside, […]

January is almost over!

Hey everyone! As normal, this week has been hectic here in Phoenix. As we were biking down the street we saw a dude just sprawled out on top of a garbage bag in a super weird position, and he wasn’t moving. So we thought “is this guy dead?” So we do the thing that all […]

Happy MLK Day!

Hey everyone. This week was fun!A lot of weird stuff happened. Yesterday at about 6:45 in the morning there was this cat that got trapped in our backyard and would not stop meowing and trying to get into our house. And then there was this drunk guy walking around the cul de sac singing pretty […]

Hello everyone!

This week has been good. We’ve been biking, as always, doing a ton of work. It’s been fun.  There was a baptism in the ward yesterday. It was awesome. The two elders were super stoked, and the guy getting baptized was pretty excited. So that was fun.  We’re probably going to try to set up an […]

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! It’s been an awesome time being back in Phoenix again. And being on a bike is awesome too. Except at night because it’s cold. And don’t say “oh you’re in Arizona, it’s not that bad” it usually gets to between 35 and 48 most nights. That’s freezing when you’re on a bike with […]

Unpack? Why would I ever unpack my suitcase?

So. I’m getting transferred again. I’ve typed that so often it came up on my tablets auto suggest! I don’t know where to. I sure hope nobody is shocked by this development, I’m sure not. I’m going on to my 12th area with my 17th companion at this point, for anyone that wants the numbers.  […]